Every donation made to Kansas PRIDE, Inc. goes directly to communities, supporting their work in building their ideal future.

Every community is unique, and so are their projects. Kansas PRIDE, Inc. funds have been distributed for recognition opportunities, and projects in all Community Capital areas:

Built - downtown building renovation, ADA compliance, accessible park equipment

Cultural - recognition of important local community festivals

Financial - support for communities applying for their 501 c 3 status

Human - investing in research, development, distribution and marketing of educational modules to assist in community capacity building

Natural - building or maintenance of community trails to access nature

Political - recognizing local community leaders, individuals and entities that contribute their knowledge, skills and time to the betterment of their community

Social - assisting in the funding of projects that provide places to gather and support community connection

To assist in supporting community projects and work, you can review Kansas PRIDE, Inc.'s sponsorship flier, complete a sponsor form to donate by check, or donate online through PayPal.