Partner Resources

Partner Resources

The Kansas Community Empowerment (KCE) program is a partnership between K-State Research and Extension, the Kansas Masons, the Kansas PRIDE, Inc. Board of Directors, the Kansas Department of Commerce and the Dane G. Hansen Foundation (in Northwest Kansas). Each partner brings unique and exciting opportunities for KCE participating communities.


K-State Research and Extension is a foundational partner of the Kansas Community Empowerment program, and improves Kansans' lives, livelihoods and communities through education, research, engagement and leadership. With scientists, educators and volunteers in each of the state's 105 counties, our professionals strive to make the university's research and scientific accomplishments accessible and relevant to every household.

The Kansas Masons

The Kansas Masons have provided the Kansas Community Empowerment program with funding for capacity building and program grant funds. Kansas Masonic Foundation, funded through its membership of the Kansas Freemasons, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established for the purpose of expanding Masonic philanthropy in the fields of charitable, educational and scientific programs. While other community-based clubs promote events to raise money for charity, the Masons primarily donate funds directly from their members without any outside solicitation to the public. Kansas Masons, through the Kansas Masonic Foundation, have provided more than $50 million to charitable endeavors over the years.


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The Kansas PRIDE, Inc. Board of Directors is a steering committee for the Kansas Community Empowerment (KCE) program, made up of community representatives of KCE participating communities, sponsors that serve KCE communities, the League of Kansas Municipalities, the Kansas Association of Counties, K-State Research and Extension, the Kansas Department of Commerce. Kansas PRIDE, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established for the purpose of providing guidance to program education and raises funds for community grants.


Kansas Commerce

Kansas Commerce is a foundational partner to the Kansas Communty Empowerment program.

Communities are the heart of Kansas, and community development is central their approach when it comes to growing the economy. They know that one of the first priorities companies consider when deciding where to locate is whether their employees will be able to live happily and comfortably. Commerce provides opportunities to evaluate community needs and funding opportunities to support community betterment.


Dane G Hansen

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation was established in 1965 with a generous estate gift from Dane G. Hansen. Mr. Hansen was an entrepreneur whose business interests over the course of his life included, among others, retail, lumber, road and bridge construction and oil. Reflecting Mr. Hansen’s lifelong love of Northwest Kansas, the charitable foundation that bears his name has a mission to improve the quality of life for the residents and the communities in the 26 counties that make up the northwest quarter of Kansas. The Dane G. Hansen Foundation provides partnership through supporting KCE staff work in Northwest Kansas.