Support KCE

Support KCE

The Kansas Community Empowerment program uses no state or federal dollars to fund community projects.

Support on the State level is provided through K-State Research and Extension (in partnership with the Kansas Masons) and the Kansas Department of Commerce, providing staff to assist communities through the community improvement process.

Funds for community projects are provided through our nonprofit partner Kansas PRIDE, Inc. and the Kansas Masons. The Kansas Masons can also provide matching grant opportunities at the local level for community projects.

Kansas PRIDE, Inc.'s grant process is designed to teach communities the skills of grantwriting with coaching and guidance provided by Kansas Community Empowerment staff.

Donating to Kansas PRIDE, Inc. provides opportunities for underserved communities (such as unincorporated, very rural communities, or neighborhoods in larger municipalities) that many times cannot find funding for smaller scale projects, or seed money for projects that can boost their eligibility for larger grant opportunities.

Visit Kansas PRIDE, Inc.'s page to learn about their work and how your donations make a difference, check out our current sponsors to see who our difference makers are, our Annual Review to learn more about funded projects, and our Donate page to learn how to donate.