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The KCE program utilizes the Community Capitals Framework to provide a lens to allow communities to identify assets and opportunities within their local environment. Our program staff, as community vitality specialists for K-State Research and Extension, have developed a Community Capitals Assets Assessment for communities to map their current assets, and start a conversation on how to build upon those assets or create dialogue about new opportunities.

Many times, more in depth assessments are in order, to assist communities in evaluation of needs to address, and identify what they wish to preserve, support or create. As KCE is an Extension program, there are some great assessment tools that are provided through K-State Research and Extension, such as First Impressions or Youth Community Perceptions that are free to interested communities. The KCE will also assist in a survey complilation and read out as a neutral party to your community. One tool for building surveys that the KCE staff find particularly effective is the Illinois Extension Community Survey Tool.

Funding opportunites are provided through our partners, the Kansas Masons, and Kansas PRIDE, Inc. Visit our Funding page to learn more. We also provides Grant Writing classes through K-State Research and Extension for those interested in learning the grant writing process.

Recognition opportunities and signage are a major part of being a KCE participant. Visit our Recognition page to learn more about signage, community logos and recognition award opportunities.

Education is important to community capacity building. The KCE Education page, which features our Community Toolkit and videos on how to get started as a KCE Community, is a great resource for local KCE organizations that are building from the ground up, or just need some skill building or templates for supporting their local KCE group.

Our partners provide great opportunities to support communities through grants, scholarships and workshops. Visit our Partner Resources page for more details.

Have questions? We have created a Frequently Asked Questions page that's easy to navigate.